Featured Alumni

Class of 2019

Kassandra Weber

Lecturer/Graduate Student

Humboldt State University

Class of 2018

Hilde Isachsen

Nano & MEMS engineer

Class of 2017

Tony Sanchez

System Administrator

SnowCloud Services

Class of 2016

Tyler Smart

Software Engineer


Class of 2014

Ian Lauer



Class of 2011

Bret Comnes

Software Engineer

Rainbow Studio, Inc.

Class of 2011

David Shook

Manufacturing Engineer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Class of 2010

Nathan Rasmussen

Data Scientist

Class of 2009

Holly Edmundson

Senior Technical Project Manager

Onto Innovation

Class of 1997

Corey Gray

Senior Gravitational Wave Detector Operations Specialist

Caltech / LIGO